Tired of the same old golf fundraiser?

Tired of a lot of work, but not a lot to show after all the expenses are paid?

Consider a golf event unlike any other. Don’t call it a tournament. Call it the Extreme Golf Challenge™! This golf outing takes oomph as you putt, chip, and drive your way to your fundraising goal. Tee off and settle in for the time of your life. Because really, is there a better way to spend your day than golfing for your favorite charity? The Extreme Golf Challenge™ will provide you a turnkey solution to create a fun and successful fundraising event that you never thought possible!

What our clients get:

  • A custom website
  • Full fund collection
  • Team “huddles” for support and motivation by Chris Jacke himself!
  • Committee development
  • Marketing development
  • Dedicated support by EGC staff
  • All necessary forms/timelines/schedules

To learn more about the Extreme Golf Challenge™, complete the Contact form or email Chris directly at

Our Mission Statement:

To work with individuals, charities, and businesses to create a unique and fun experience on the golf course in order to raise funds and awareness for Wisconsin charities.