Packers Alumni Speakers

Corporate / Public Speaking


Player Alumni Resources team members have interesting, entertaining, and profound stories to share with your audience. Let us work with you to:

  • Determine which of our talented Alumni speakers will add the most impactful presentation to your corporate, church, charity, or school function
  • Coordinate the appropriate content for an outstanding presentation that is relevant to the audience, genuine, entertaining, and will leave your event participants wanting more

Additionally, Player Alumni Resources has proudly partnered with a team of seasoned professional speakers at Inspired Training Institute, Inc., to work behind the scenes with our alumni team members, when appropriate, to develop the perfect presentation and visual aids and to rehearse their delivery of the presentation for your event. We are equipped to provide effective speaking services for any type of event!

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Leadership Development Workshop


Looking for a memorable and unique leadership development event? Contact us to learn more about Leaderhood® co-facilitated with Green and Gold Alumni!

The Green and Gold Alumni share their unique perspectives on the ABCs of Leaderhood in a memorable and profound program. These Packers Hall of Famer Alumnus have achieved the top of their profession, and the lessons in brotherhood and leadership they share are motivating, entertaining, and educational.

Leaderhood is an innovative approach to leadership that combines the essence of brotherhood with sound leadership practices. This customizable, interactive program employs an all-star group of Alumni to expose your team to the ABCs of Leaderhood: Authenticity, Boundaries, and Consideration. The concepts are impactful and practical for any mid to upper-level leadership group, with application that easily extends to community organizations and teams of all sorts. The activities within the workshop can be customized for your audience to ensure meaning and relevance while interacting with the alumni co-facilitators.

Custom Team Building


Looking to find a way to get your team fully engaged? Let us create a custom team building event for your group!

Player Alumni Resources, in partnership with Inspired Training Institute, develops custom team building workshops and events. These range from indoor speaking or workshop-based events to outdoor events including, but not limited to, workshops, golf, and fishing. Every event is developed with your guidance, the professional design skills of our Inspired Training Institute team mates, and the energy of your selected Player Alumni Resources team members.

Contact us to begin brainstorming your team's unique team building event with Alumni!